P1000867Most parts of the Eastern Province of Kenya go without rainfall for very long periods of time, sometimes even up to three years . Rainfall is the main source of water for most families here in Kenya. Most families depend on the rain water for domestic purposes, farming and for their animals to drink.  Rain fills the dams that supply most tap water. Farmers depend on the rain to be able to do their farming and produce food. All of the animal life in this area needs the rain water to live. When there is no rain for three years life becomes very. very difficult. Only a miracle could save the people of this dry land.

Eric Onyango » 9am - Jul 27, 2010
In this video, Eric explains how the miracle has blessed many lives...
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Since the area sometimes goes for a long period of time without rain, rivers and dams in the area often go dry, leaving people with very limited sources of water.  For this reason many people in this area have to walk several kilometers everyday is search of this precious commodity (water). It is for this reason that Reach the Children (RTC) and LDS Charities in conjunction with Kyulu Valley, a Community Based Organization (CBO), allk collaborated  to construct water wells in this area. Through donations of money and well construction materials, RTC and LDS Charities helped construct  four wells that have been of great help to the people of this area. One of these four wells was subsequently dubbed, "The Miracle Well".

The Miracle Well provides clean water to over 300 families. These families use the water from this well  for domestic purposes, farming and for the watering of their animals. The Miracle Well is seen as a huge success story, given the many families that benefit from it. As the name suggests, this well has become a miracle to the people of this area; who, instead of walking for many kilometers everyday in search of water, can now easily access this precious commodity without using most of their day to walk the long distance. The well produces 11,000 liters of water in one hour. P1000868


This means that it has the capacity to meet the needs of this large community and people here can get as much water as they need. Part of the success behind this well is the generator that was installed to pump the water from the well to a holding tank where the water is kept until people can draw from it.

As it is said, water is life. The Miracle Well has brought life and renewed hope to the people of this community. As in many African countries, some domestic jobs like fetching water are normally left for women and the young people. Having this well constructed near most of the homes in the area has come as a welcome relief to the women and young people, whose job is to look for water. In some areas where people are not as lucky as the community around the miracle well, women have to walk for many kilometers in search of water.... sometimes up to 10 Kilometers. Often these women do this with small children strapped on their backs when there is no one left at home to look after these children. For people who live around the miracle well this is a hard task that is now left in the past. They are now closer to water than ever before in their lives.

Life becomes almost unbearable in the Eastern province of Kenya during summer as it becomes extremely hot. During this time, animals often die due to lack of food and water. People also can go through severe starvation and are left to depend on the relief food from the government, NGO's and well wishers to be able to survive. This has been the situation for generations because people depended on the rain to do farming to produce food.Animals also depend on the rain water in order to have grass on which they can feed. All these problems have been solved by the construction of wells such as the Miracle Well in this area. Animals can now have water to drink regardless of the time of the year (the Miracle Well produces water throughout the year). Instead of people spending the whole day looking for water, they can now spend more time on more productive activities.


The miracle well serves a relatively large community. This means that many people come to draw water here every day. The only challenge to this project is that people have to line up and wait for their turn before they can draw water from the well.  This is somewhat time consuming and also causes some over crowding at the well. Because the water is pumped by electricity, however, the time that people have to wait  before they can draw water is still far, far less than when they had to walk miles just to find it. There is also a place at the well where animals drink water, this sometimes causes conflict between the people and animals. However, everyone remembers when it was very difficult to get water and they are patient with the situation.


The best gift that anyone can give people in this part of Kenya is water. This brings renewed hope into their lives, especially if the wells can be constructed in a way that  they can be used to do irrigation. This will enable the people to farm to produce food to eat and to sell; which in turn will enable them to be self reliant. To this people, water is like a very precious mineral that is hard to come by and that is why water is the best gift to them. Projects like The Miracle Well will continue to be very helpful to the communities in this area. With more well wishers and donations, more projects like The Miracle Well will be done in this area which will solve perpetual water shortages for all of the people. 

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